The Reign Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The reign of the Roman Empire provided standards of an immoral government for people today. PLacing convicted criminals into the arena to fight the lions or even flat out beheadings weren’t uncommon in the Roman era. Committing crimes became an issue of the state which led to the various means of a criminal’s death through harsh punishments voted on by the people. Crimes such as adultery, murder, and even religious departure could result in the loss of one’s life by capital punishment. This form of execution slowly went away through the middle ages, but found its way back through the twelfth century and into our U.S. governing system later. The fall of this empire was linked to numerous causes of governmental corruption, which shows our country’s need to abolish the death penalty whom in itself contains a plethora of defects. In the ongoing debate of capital punishment, situations occur proving the incompetence of the law. These reasons such as major errors in the crime system and unnecessary financial costs prove the death penalty is an unnecessary law that is in need of definite termination in the United States. Innocence of convicted individuals becomes a highly crucial contributor as to why the death penalty is in high need of abolition. At least 94 innocent people have been released from death row with evidence of innocence in the last decade. Frank Lee Smith, an African-American man from Florida, was sentenced to death row on a rape charge in 1985. Smith spent…

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