The Reign Of Justini The Empire Of The East And West, Byzantium And Rome

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Byzantine was an empire lost to the void of time, its memory wiped from minds of all. Lars Brownworth, an established author, tried to do justice to the book and offer a voice to the ones drowned out by the pages of history. He told the stories of a great empire that served as a ground of rebirth for a crumbling Rome, rescuing it from a certain doom, in an attempt to expose one to the history of Byzantine vast enough to rival the lands of the empire during the reign of Justinian. The author pieces together the East and West, Byzantium and Rome, in an artful masterpiece as one would expect from someone who has as much distinguished work and experience as him. Mr. Brownworth was once a history teacher, and thus knows how to teach history in a way that captivates students or readers of any age. Before the publishing of Lost to the West, Lars Brownworth had also published a podcast called “12 Byzantine Rulers” which addressed the history of the little-known Byzantine. His hunger and zeal for knowledge on the lost Byzantine led him across the expanse of what used to make up the forgotten empire, right into the heartland, Constantinople. “He has traveled and studied Byzantine history extensively.” (Brownworth 12 Byzantine Rulers). Lars Brownworth, despite having a little bias and favoritism towards Byzantium, is qualified to be writing on the empire that was, truly, lost to the West. The author, throughout the retelling of Byzantium’s history, continually argued that the…

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