The Region 6 Putting On Airs Coordinator Essay

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The Region 6 Putting on AIRS coordinator continues to promote the program as with incorporating the local health departments/districts, medical providers, hospitals, and community agencies the education and collaboration of service providers that the region services.

The Putting on AIRS data base continues to be updated as referral information is collected. This reporting period Region 6 processed 51 referrals with 30 home visits completed. This equates to 86 referrals received and 49 home visits completed this program year. Of the served clients this reporting period- 17 were female and 13 were male. Ages of clients range from 1- 44 years of age. 10 referrals were received in January, 14 in February, 17 in March and 10 in April.

The following is an update on the ongoing collaborations initiated in previous reports.

The collaboration between the Region 6 Putting on AIRS program, Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale Primary Care Center (YPCC) pediatric resident and intern training continues. This collaboration provides the pediatric residents and interns practicing at YPCC opportunity to learn about Community Public Health Programs. The primary goal of this partnership is to offer the residents and interns a broad understanding of local public health programs they can refer their patients to. This system allows the residents and interns an introduction to the roles public health and medicine share. In addition, it shows the importance of partnering with community…

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