The Refugee Crisis And The United Nations Essay examples

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From the experiences of World War II and with a view to propagate world peace and the protection of human rights, the major countries of world created the United Nations. This organization has a formidable arsenal of mechanisms, policies, and tools at its disposal to prevent international crises and protect resulting population displacements. It has been successful in many situations, including the Kosovar Conflict and the Vietnamese Boat People Crisis. In order for its interferences to be successful, the United Nations must utilize each component in its arsenal effectively: monitoring, pro-action, and reaction. The current refugee crisis from Syria and its neighboring countries has manifested extensively due to the United Nations’ inadequate interference, both physically and politically, compared to previous crises.
World War II produced over sixty million refugees. Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe, Jews were survivors of genocide from the Nazis, and other refugees from countries in Eastern Europe who wanted to escape the new communist regimes. The refugee crisis was dealt with both legal and organizational forms. Before World War II president Roosevelt created the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees. It was created to administer the resettlement of refugees from Nazi Germany and to prepare for the resettlement of future German emigrants. Terminated in 1947, it was officially taken over by the International Refugee Organization. The United…

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