The Reformer Luther And The Monk Pelagius Essay

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Two interesting figures that I have come across during my readings were the reformer Luther and the monk Pelagius. Each one held their own opinion in regard to the Christian faith, and they would not yield easily to the beliefs of others. What struck me most about Luther was his extreme focus on having faith in God, and his lack of concern for people performing good deeds. As for Pelagius, he has an intriguing take on original sin and on the choices that humans make through the power of free will. What draws me to these two theologians and their beliefs is that they take a different stance on traditional Christian faith, and they are not afraid to tell people about their ideas because they truly believe them. Pelagius believed in a morally strict religion, and his beliefs opposed the beliefs that were held by Augustine. Augustine’s belief that “people are too sinful to stop sinning without supernatural assisting grace from God” infuriated Pelagius (Olson, 90). Pelagius did not like the idea that humans needed God’s grace in order to stop sinning. He felt that this gave people an excuse for why they continued to sin and it failed to give people an incentive to be righteous. Pelagius disagrees with the idea that we are born with original sin and that we are condemned from the moment we are born. He states “We are all born in the same state of nature with which Adam was created: innocent and neutral with regard to sin. We have the same human condition he had before…

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