The Reformation Of The New England Colonies Essay

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From 1630 through the 1620s, many ideas and values held by Puritans influenced the social, political, and economic development of the New England colonies. The belief of community and unity influenced the social development of the colonies. Under the idea of a limited, self-government came the Puritan’s political system was formed. With hopes to sustain an economy, the ideas of trade, were used. The colonists’ ideas of predestination, shared sense of purpose, and religious tolerance and intolerance contributed to the development the New England colonies economically, politically, and socially. With the teachings of God, and the Puritan ideas based on those teachings, came the development of the colonies. Ever since Martin Luther ignited the fire for religious reform, John Calvin elaborated Luther’s ideas that some souls were predestined for hell or heaven and only a conversation with God will help the person. The belief, “visible saints” should be the ones who were allowed church membership and due to the fact that the Church of England was open to all, made the Puritans unhappy. Separatists then decide to break away from the Church of England to start their own Churches and colonies. The Mayflower Compact that the Pilgrims signed was an idea that is later on used to develop a self-government. Their political system originated from an agreement to form a government and submit to the will of the majority. In order to continue their living, the economy was formed with the…

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