The Reformation Of The Church Essay

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The Reformation of the Church

The reformation of the protestant church was a massive event that helped shaped todays society by changing the way most of Europe practiced Christianity. This was because of many different social, political and religious causes. The reformation of the church lead to many consequences that still have an impact in today’s society. This essay will describe what happened during the reformation, the causes for the reformation, consequences of the reformation and key figures during the reformation of the church

The reformation of the church started around 1517 after Martin Luther published his 95 theses. He published his writings on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral in protest of the Catholic Church charging indulgences and what he believed were other errors in the Catholic Church. In 1521 Luther appears in front of Charles V who was at the time the emperor of the Roman Empire because he had been charged with Heresy (unorthodox way of teaching religion considered unacceptable) this lead him to being excommunicated from the church by Pope Leo X. Luther moved to
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After the Protestant Church was reformed the Catholic Church also took a big impact. This impact made them reform their Church, this was known as the Counter Reformation. The reformation of the Protestant Church made Catholic leaders rethink the issues that had been brought forward. This reformation of the Catholic Church lead to Ignatius of Loyola to form the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). This Society of Jesus sent catholic missionaries all across Europe, America and China. The missionaries set up schools across these continents mainly focusing on reading and writing. This was very significant as it spread the word of the recently translated Bible across the globe. This was a good consequence as there were now small Catholic Churches across the

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