The Reform Of Our Health Care System That Is Not Funded By The Working Class

1334 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
There is little relating to this reform of our health care system that is not funded by the working class. Changes in health care costs will be disguised as mandates and higher premiums to be paid by the taxpayers, despite the promises made by our nation. The plans will cost more, for less coverage. Insurance plans will change, and specific doctors may not be available due to these changes. This leads to falling quality of care for insured Americans, and exorbitant medical bills, should you need in depth care.
Another way that the funding for the ACA is placed on the public is the individual mandate. Ilya Somin, a professor at the George Mason University School of Law, reports that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. If the courts continue to follow the logic that mandating the purchase of a good or a service is somehow in line with the constitution, then it "would give congress almost unlimited power" (Somin par.1). Somin argues that if the government uses that same rationale, it would be the start of the government using this a stepping stone to make consumers buy other goods or services they don’t necessarily need. The conclusion that defenders of the mandate have come to is; the personal mandate is different from other situations because everyone ends up using it eventually. The article points out that this is just shifting the focus of the actual issue, which is mandatory insurance, not healthcare itself.
This brings up a very important question: Is…

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