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Integration assignment 1 worksheet—see BB for due date/time
This reflective writing integration assignment features an article by Dr. Alistair McGrath, who was a research scientist at Oxford University before he became a theologian. He holds doctorate degrees in the fields of molecular biophysics and theology. He is presently Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture, at King 's College, London and is involved in theological research and the professional development of clergy from a range of Christian denominations. As a former atheist, he regularly engages in debate and dialogue with leading atheists, and is presently researching the iconic role played by Charles Darwin in atheist apologetics. Before you read the article, you may want to read the questions below so you can focus on his arguments against scientism (science can answer all questions) and philosophical naturalism (nature is all that exists).
After completing the Blackboard reading, “Science and Faith at Odd” answer these reflective questions.
Type directly into this worksheet, save this document on your own computer (docx or pdf files only) and then attach and submit it on BB by the due date/time listed for the assignment.
1. What role did scientific inquiry play in your educational background? How does your experience shape your perspective on this topic?
The role that scientific inquiry played in my educational background is that religion was…

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