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The steps that I take to write my essays are usually first brainstorm second I write what I will be talking about and how I will structure it. For me to write an sesay it usually takes a few trial and errors for me to successfully write a good essay. What my ideas are in writing an essay is to take your time and to brainstorm what you want to talk about. What I like about “Nancy Sommers” is she had said that writing is like incubating eggs because you have to go through many steps just like incubating eggs. What I mainly try to look for is usually try prewriting something before I actually write it and put into the essay and make it official, from my experience many writers have to go through a lot of writing down what they want and how they’re …show more content…
Most people don’t write things down first they usually just write stuff in their head and to start the essay inside their head, What murray says is that the writer had to find a way to handle a diffuse and overwhelming subject. What I like about lamott’s essay is that she explains the way she is during her writing process and how she overcomes writing an essay successfully, Lamott also uses many confusing words that I really couldn’t understand the way she is putting into her words. She also says that the right words and sentences also don’t come out like a ticker tape most of the time. What lamott also goes on to say is that the first draft is usually the child’s draft and that’s when you need to just let the words come out and for you to write whatever flows through. Most of the time you just need to let the childish side of you when writing is to just let it go on and on about what it’s trying to say and to just keep going. You just need to go back as your adult self and fix what your childish self wrote down, I believe everyone goes through the childish side of writing because a lot of people don’t like writing at all so they just let whatever goes through their head flow onto paper for them to see their mistakes, and to see how they could fix the mistakes

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