Essay The Reflection Of The Community Nursing

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The Community Nursing (3QQ3) course has been an eye opening journey for me in to the world of community nursing. At the start of the initial course doing the practice tools I was quite apprehensive and had no idea what to expect. It was hard in the early few weeks to see how this course would evolve. But, as I became oriented and more familiar with the community the bigger picture began to form. Indeed, the windshield survey was a great tool to assess our community. This was an assessment unlike any other I had performed as the community is a large area with thousands of residents and families. As a nurse, so many nursing actions arise from an assessment and it is imperative to perform a good assessment of your client no matter what issue is. However, when performing an assessment for a community with thousands of inhabitants the traditional head to toe assessment is of little use. In this course, the use of the windshield survey, practice tools, and statistical information are certainly the keys to performing good community assessments. One thing that did surprise me was the amount of detailed local information that can be gathered from Statistics Canada and municipal websites. Certainly, that was true for this community assessment and I am pleased to add these tools to my nursing ‘tool box’ and to have the knowledge and confidence to perform a future community assessment when needed. Another aspect of this course that posed a challenge for me was determining the…

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