The Reflection Of Social Groups In Writing Poetry

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I belong to a social group that learns how to write poetry. The social group is a class taught at SPC, with an instructor who orchestrates the learning process: what the students learn; how the students will learn the presented material; how to write poetry; and how to interpret and analyze poems. Each student in the class is a novice when it comes to writing poetry. Because the class is an elective, each student must have had an interest pertaining to poetry, whether it be why poetry is important, or how poetry can enrich someone’s perspective. Indeed, everyone including the professor wants to socialize and learn from others. The social structure of the group consists of two tiers: the professor and the students. Of course, the professor is the top tier, because of his/her experience and knowledge on the subject. Therefore, the professor is the leader of the social structure. The professor will mediate problems or dilemmas, and answer …show more content…
The group members are permitted to say what they want openly, but with caution. Everyone is mindful when it comes to voicing different opinions. Still, I believe the students don’t truly speak their minds, because there are preventative measures taken to avoid confrontation. Several students actually talk with integrity: they are genuine in how they express themselves through conversation. For example, one student is fairly open about her problems outside of school, and talks to the class about them. At this point, -- I’m guilty of this to a certain extent – the students just nod their heads in agreement, acknowledging her words, but perhaps not listening and absorbing the meaning behind the words. One gentleman is remote in speech – he speaks only to the teacher. I try to take off the mask that hinders my speech, though at times this task can be

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