The Reflection Of Religion: What Is Religion?

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Hamid G Makki
Prof Conway
Final paper
What is religion? Religion is a unique set of rules and regulations that help guide us in our everyday life. In Religion people believe there is an all mighty high power that is the reasoning for all that happens. The three main religions are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and what they all share in common believes there is only one true God, and in which he created all. Religion can also be the very strong belief that science is the reason for mankind and everything above it called scientology.
To my understanding religion is the sense of belonging to something powerful, beautiful, spiritual, and overall satisfying. Religion gives oneself a sense of belonging. During tough times we face as
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“Like grapes we ripen best on the vines”, it is yet a simple and powerful quote defining some of religions fine aspects. The quote says it best; as we the humans are the grapes, slowly evolving together on the grape vine we call life. Religion allows for us to stick together in times of disruption, happiness, or times of misunderstanding. For people of a religion, unity comes hand in hand, but for a group with no religion or no belonging, they have no backbone to support their unity. In simpler terms, unity is for religion, as a blueprint is for the construction of a …show more content…
When looking at majority of religions, such as Buddhism, one can learn enlightening facts about Karma and selflessness. For example when looking at the study of selflessness we learn as human beings to renounce killing, and instead protect life, renounce taking what is not given, and instead practice generosity, renounce lying, and instead tell the truth. Following these basic steps allow us to become purer and enlightened versions of our selves. When looking at the studies of karma, we can understand that there is the simple precedent of cause and effect. Which in simpler terms means, once a either a positive or negative message has been portrayed to someone or something, the same positive or negative message or action will be mirrored sometime in near future. For example if I plant a lemon seed, I expect the outcome to become a lemon tree. It will be a gradual process, but eventually like gravity it will take its course. Another example, would be planting a lemon seed expecting to get a sweet mango, omitting a certain message expecting something else will not happen in any

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