The Reflection Of Reflecting On Racism And Anti Racism

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I started reflecting on Racism and Anti Racism since I attended the workshop. Many things we learned during this workshop and retreat are very disturbing and eye opening as well. I learned a lot about white privilege and how it affects both white and black people as well.
This historical timeline begins with the Doctrine of the Discovery and focuses on the immigration and naturalization trends that created and preserved a mostly White nation. It culminates in the criminalization of people of color after the emancipation of the African slave.
I see most of the time people want to articulate racial reconciliation as seeking for all parties to be able to see the perspective of the other. This concept seems to be very inadequate to me because it seems that we approach the racial realities of our society as though we merely need to do cultural exchange programs with one another.
There is a need for some reconciliation work, but the root cause for such divisions is primarily rooted in the racial hierarchy that is
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Some of the steps are to join the struggle for racial justice. Because there is deliverance in that work since Jesus is especially and uniquely present among vulnerable people in society. People also need to change that they primarily listen and learn from. Most people’s lives are racially controlled and they don’t even know it. If most people were to look at their bookshelves they would find that it is overwhelming and disproportionately white and male. Very few people do not fall into this camp. It is just one example among many in which whiteness is overvalued to the exclusion of other people groups. Few people see black and brown people as bearers of wisdom worthy enough for them to actually seek them out regularly. In church pulpits, Christian conferences, and in our social circles, we should be examining what voices are influencing us, and which ones are

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