College Admissions Essay: My High School Career

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Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. My high school career began in September 2012, at Lakewood High School in southern California. According to the movies, high school is suppose the be the highlight of your earthly experience. You don’t even start living till you get there. High school is suppose to be the open door into the rest of your life, and with Hollywood shoving this down the throats of the naïve young children of the world, we believe it. Don 't expect anything from high school, the fun only comes from what you make it to be. Freshman year is when I learned many things. I started to realize who I was, what I wanted to do with my life, what marijuana smelt like, however the “highlight” of my year was physical education. …show more content…
I took all of the hard classes the years before, so I was on the path to have the easiest year in my life. Except, another mistake on my behalf, I decided to take the A.P. (Advanced Placement) version of the mandatory semesters of Government and Economics. Even though I have never taken an A.P. beforehand my logic was “hey I’ve done well in every history class I’ve taken before this point, why not take A.P.? It’ll be easy”. Let me also just throw in there that this class was a graduation requirement, meaning if I failed the class I couldn 't graduate. My teacher (lets call him Mr. Govern-mics, since I had him both semesters) was new to the school. It also became very obvious in the beginning of the year that he was a new teacher because of how trusting he was. Usually, at least based on my other teachers, they trusted no students. You could tell them the day before you were lying on your death bed and they’d still ask why you didn 't get your homework done. Mr. Govern-mics was different, he was only 26 years old, had a couple years of teaching under his belt, and was happy to be there. There was an ongoing joke about how he wasn 't corrupted yet. The class on the other hand, was not easy at all. Mr. Govern-mics was always there after school to help though. He was very involved in the school. Homecoming week he went to the fair, him and his fiancee chaperoned at winter formal and prom, and during A.P. testing he stayed at the school till 6:30 pm every day to help students that were studying. He even had pizza delivered to us the day I came into study. He was extremely helpful, and even though I only finished with a C+ in the class, I don 't regret taking an A.P. class, and I’m extremely grateful that I got Mr. Govern-mics as a teacher. All of my other teachers had the attitude of “I don 't give a crap about the students, they are all just a paycheck anyway.” That’s why I am genuinely happy to have

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