Reading Reflection

While reading chapter 1 and 2 of the Educational Foundations textbook, I was able to reflect and come up with questions, concerns, and comments about the material being read. The first chapter was called Letters to a Young Teacher. This reading talked about how many young teachers who work in urban school districts are estimated to leave that school district after three years. They say that the main reason is young teachers are unable to relate to the children who are minorities. However this can be fixed. One way that this is can be helped is by not being afraid to reach out to the older teachers. They have been teaching for quite some time, and asking for advice can always help. Another way to help relate to these children is by reaching …show more content…
Both authors had purposes to this written material, and I was able to identify them. In the first reading the authors purpose was to talk about ways that young teachers can handle working in urban school districts. The happiness of teaching children, the inquisitiveness, and the enthusiasm the children bring into the class is really determined by the teacher. It is important to be a hard working teacher who can help overcome insecurities from children, and be able to find ways to relate to the children. The author’s ideas fit with my understanding and beliefs in many ways. I have learned that being able to relate to your students is very important. It may not always be easy to relate, but you need to find a way. Whether it is calling the parents often to create relationships, or whether it be actually visiting the student’s house, it is important. I have been taught that relationships with students and parents can really help children succeed in the classroom. My goal as a teacher is to be able to find a way to relate to every student that I have. This can only help the students and myself overall. In the second reading, I was able to identify the author’s purpose as well. The author’s purpose of this material was to show a meaningful role doing what he could to help protect and encourage his students. This is very important to me, because I believe that you should go out of your way to help every child become the best student and person they can be. He went out on a limb talking to the principle about moving this child into a higher class, and it changed this child’s life. My understandings and beliefs are very similar to this. I would definitely do the same thing for one of my future students. My beliefs are that you can push each child to be the best they can be, and it may change their whole life. Having an impact on my student’s life is something that I would like to be able to

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