The Reflection Of Family And The Structural Perspective On Family

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Structural functionalism perspective on family’s, is the thought of how a family’s economic, spiritual and social statues build important societal functions in individuals in a family. Societal function such as socialization of children in which is seen in both families in the Frontline documentary. Family orientation is where primary socialization takes place and, where children develop their social identity, culture, and social structure from their parents teaching or ways they live. For example, in the Stanley’s family their children where exposed to poverty and, seeing their parents struggle pay check to pay check in order to provide for them. From experiencing this the children built their own belief that life isn’t easy and, in order …show more content…
Another social function that is affected by a family is socialization of children. In which parents social status develops a values or develop socialization in an individual in the family such as a child. For example, the Neumann’s family where their youngest child learned at a young age that their family was in a poor economic status. With the Neumann’s in a harsh economic struggle it had affected the socialization of their children positively especially their youngest one. The youngest one of the family grew up to value that money is what moves the world around and, with seeing her family struggling to survive she made it a priority to get out of poverty. She went on to get a degree and, find a successful career that she can live off. Families could effect a child’s socialization in many positive ways such as giving positive values and beliefs in order to strive in life. This defines that a family is important to develop socialization, provision of social status, social structure, and physiological support in the individual in a …show more content…
Such as in how a family’s relationship problems and social status effects the values, norms, beliefs, outcomes and, socialization in the individuals in a family. The individuals mostly effect in a family with relationship problems and being in a poor social status are the children. Because family is a primary socialization in which children learn their beliefs, values, norms and, develop their culture from. But with family experiencing troubles economically and, with their relationship it can take a negative toll the children. For example, from the Frontline documentary the Neumann’s children where greatly effected by their parent unstable relationship and, economic struggle of finding a job to pay their overdue bills. With the economic struggle of paying the bill both the wife and, husband had to take a full time job in order to keep the house. But, this action took a negative effect on the children because they would hardly never see their parents and, have no primary socialization in order to construct their social structure. Without a social structure or a define socialization the children would not know how to act or do in the world when they grow up. In which effected their son Daniel at a young age to which he started to having trouble in school and caused him in the future to be living unemployed and with his mother. Their relationship

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