Reflective Essay: My Journey In My Norm

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For this combination, I recognized that I was able to learn the entire phrase without having to rely on others, so I finally achieved a previous goal of mine from my last synthesis paper. My goal was to be able to perform based off of my own confidence. From the beginning of class until now, I was really reluctant in trying to do the movement because I forgot that movement looks different in everyone else’s bodies, so I was busy trying to match other people, which probably slowed me down from being able to perform the movements. I was able to recall the differences in every individual when I sat out a few days ago. I was able to analyze and watch every student move in class, which allowed me to realize that I was putting too much pressure on …show more content…
I noticed that while practicing the dance. I have not put my own personal touch and flair to the dance which makes this goal hard to come by. I feel that my lack of proper footing stops me from fully performing and taking risks. I would love to go all out in my movement, but it is hard to do so when I do not believe my feet support the movement that I am trying to display. I would not consider myself to have two left feet, but I do move awkwardly sometimes throughout the space because my footing is off. From that awkward movement in my body, I believe prevents me from looking at myself in the mirror. I rarely look at myself intentionally in the mirror while dancing. I think that is because I do not want to see myself moving so awkwardly when I am trying hard to perform a movement. Although, I do know that looking at the mirror can benefit me because I can then correct my awkward movement and potentially display the movement I want so I can actually add in my own personal flare and take risks. So I would rank myself at a three because I am not trying as hard as I should to perform risks while dancing. I also do not believe I am a natural risk taker when it comes to moving my body because I do not want to face further injury to my left …show more content…
I did receive feedback from my peers and they did state that the best part of me performing the dance is my improvisation. I really just move whatever feels right at the movement, I honestly do not put that much planning into my improvisation which I believe makes it as organic as possible. I feel like my improvisation piece puts a piece of myself into the dance to where the audience can see what my personal dance ability is. I believe I put a lot of my energy into performing the piece and I feel it is the time where I am the most artistically expressive. I like Frank Hatchett’s use of the word VOP. I believe I am vopping while performing my improvisational piece because I believe my movement sounds like what I am feeling at the moment (Hatchett 110).When I perform my movement I want to feel myself just be alive at the moment and just enjoy moving. I do not particularly want to focus on everyone else around me because seeing others perform pressure me into performing something that my body cannot do, such as turns. I am comfortable with being grounded and embracing weight. Although I do enjoy my improvisation piece there are parts of it I am sure I could improve. I sometimes do find myself performing the same movements over again because I am trying to find that inspiration to move my body. I would like to break out of my comfort zone, but

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