The Reflection Of Alice Paul Essay

1016 Words Nov 21st, 2015 null Page
Understating Alice Paul is an important part of understanding our history as women, and even men should understand the horrors these women experienced in their time. Alice Paul has not been completely forgotten by all means, but has been forgotten on a huge level. Very few people have learned about the struggles of Paul and her fellow suffragists. Paul is one of the lucky ones in my opinion, for there are hundreds of women’s names that we will never know. There are contributions that will forever be anonymous to the world. Now that we know Alice Paul’s history, let’s discuss the reasons few know her name, what we can do to fix it, and why it’s important that we do. There are many people at fault when we discuss why Alice Paul, and so many of America’s women, have been forgotten. Firstly, people who write most history books write very little about women at all. I can attest to this, for I have had little education about the women who changed history so myself, and so many other women, could have better futures. Until my Women in History class, my text books were filled with the history of America’s men, and little to none about America’s women. I remember quite clearly when we learned about women’s suffrage. There was a short simple paragraph that was somehow supposed to explain 75 years of fighting from hundreds and hundreds of women. More people at fault are our educators. Even though women aren’t in our history books, many teachers don’t take the time to go over these…

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