Group Project Observation Report

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In fact, I had taken same as this course when I was studying at King Saud University. Doubtless, the topics that I had in that course were similar to some extent to what we talked about during this semester. We were totally concentrating on the understanding of our community needs and how we bridge gaps between our museums and its audiences through reinforcing the educational role of our museums and making them more accessible for people with disabilities. Yet, today, the educational role in our museums is not as effective as it should be. Indeed, due to several factors, our museums in Saudi Arabia cannot engage their audiences in conversations about particular topics such as social justice, women rights, labor rights, racism, and so on. With that being said, our museums should take their shells out so we can engage various voices of its community and being more social responsible. However, after I took this course, I definitely camp up with some thoughts that may contribute to overcome obstacles and strengthening the relationship between our museums and its communities in the future. Of course, the great project that we worked on was one of the brilliant ideas that I have learned during the semester. Although I have never worked on a group project, this project let me know the importance of working with a group project. The fact is that one person can make a huge difference in a group project, especially, when each member of the group project has a diverse …show more content…
The International Museum is a private, non-profit museum that seeks to engage a diverse community through compelling and culturally significant exhibitions, which display international art, historical, and scientific objects. Through educational outreach efforts, special programming and conferences, we hope to immerse our audience in cultures around the globe, challenging preconceived notions and bringing cultural

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