Perseverance In Leadership

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To successfully fill a leadership role, one must not want to simply control people, nor should one yearn for power, rather they should feel a necessity to guide people and coach them thoroughly. To be a leader is not the equivalence to a boss, the qualities and characteristics differ immensely. Exhibiting leadership must involve the ability to effectively communicate, display perseverance, and, among many other things, show a genuine enthusiasm. Communication is vital to any situation, but to effectively communicate is even more so in a position of leadership. There are ways to present words to whomever it may concern and ways not to do so; as this can affect people’s perception of not only you, but what you stand for. Leadership may not only be in a job situation, but if a manager were to yell at someone in front of people for a mistake, there is a negative perception of that manager, yet the alternative may be that same manager could pull the person aside, giving them a stern conversation about the mistake and how it can be resolved. There must always be a resolution or a conclusion that is made for effectiveness to follow through; this may end with two people coming to a compromise, as leaders will sometimes have to do. This takes the other person’s thoughts and opinions into consideration …show more content…
If a person allows difficulties to end their goals, then there is a lack of leadership. A leader would, no matter what, display steadfastness during the difficulty. As this can be hard to do because of frustration and the possibility of the mind’s negative thoughts taking over. Someone may keep trying to do a task and after it fails numerous times, may give up, which seems to be anticipated, yet a person with leadership characteristics would rather ponder on a new way of trying the task, or maybe thinking of a better task. Leaders cannot give up easily, nor can they show this to others, as their perception is no longer a real

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