Personal Narrative: Car Tule-Up Ecology Project

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Car Tune-Up Ecology Project
My ecology project was to tune up my mom’s car to make it run more efficiently and pollute less. I did it at my house, where I have the necessary tools to change the oil, air filter, and other parts. I replaced the oil, air filter, cabin air filter, and radiator fluid. Changing these will not only made the car have better performance, but made the engine run more efficiently, reducing pollution. I changed all parts at once, occurring on October 14th with my dad as a supervisor. To correctly maintenance the car, there are several steps to replace each part, all fairly simple. To change the oil, I removed the oil filter with a ratchet of the appropriate size and drained the oil into an oil pan. Following, I replaced
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The use of synthetic oil make the need for oil changes less frequent, saving oil and reducing plastic waste from oil bottles, decreasing landfill waste and ocean pollution. Ocean garbage patches can spread toxic chemicals into the sea, as well as attach to sea life (Pollution). Synthetic oil also decreases the amount of conventional oil used, saving land from being used as oil refineries. The land saved will help preserve the natural ecology of the area, decreasing habitat loss. Using newer, longer lasting filters will also decrease waste in …show more content…
I determined that I must have better time management in the future, and that planning ahead is important to do a good job. I plan to make a more detailed schedule of my process. This includes making arrangements in advance for different steps. This will also help if additional problems are encountered. I disagree with the statement, “It’s not my job. Let somebody else do it”. Everyone, to some extent, can do their part to aid the environment. If everybody does something little to help their ecosystem, the environment will improve. Little things like recycling bottles and cans can help our environment. Larger scale efforts like organising a community trash pickup also help.
Doing my project increased my appreciation of the desert because I learned how fragile and complex the ecosystem is. If a hazardous material like oil gets ingested by an animal, it will get sick and potentially die. If this dead animal gets eaten by another animal, it will also get harmed by the hazardous material. Due to this, it is important to always dispose of hazardous materials correctly. Hazardous materials like motor oil can often be correctly disposed of by dropping the oil off at a local automotive parts

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