The Referral And Mild Global Developmental Delay By Dr Jaco Nel

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Nardia was referred by Jaco Nel (Paediatrician) to the Child Development Team (CDT) in November 2014. The referral was for an assessment of her handwriting skills. Nardia presents with epilepsy and mild global developmental delay by Dr Jaco Nel. Nardia fully participated in the Visual Motor Integration and Visual Perception assessment (June 2015) and did not complete the Motor Coordination assessment due to Nardia’s attention and participation decreasing. Nardia listened to instructions and followed them correctly when completing the Beery VMI. When Nardia was asked after, how did she find that, she mentioned that she enjoyed drawing.
Nardia’s scores are as follows:
VMI raw score = 7, percentile = 0.8%
Visual perception raw score = 10, percentiles = 2%
Motor Coordination raw score = not completed
These results identify that Nardia’s fine motor and visual motor skills are lower than other children of this age. Highlighting her limitations in fine motor skills and reduced attention span. Nardia fitted the criteria for ongoing therapy input from the CDT and an eight-week therapy block has been completed during term 4 2015.
Nardia attended CDT with her mother Kiri on a weekly basis, started 23.10.15 (attending 7 sessions). On observation Nardia was wearing her glasses and has lost weight. Nardia appeared to enjoy wearing her glasses, and Kiri mentioned that Nardia commented on how she can see better with them on, this was encouraged…

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