The Red Devils, By Alex Ferguson Essay

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Soccer, it 's one of the many kinds of sport. There are soccer teams which have money, others have history, and others have both; Manchester United is one of the few teams which have both. They are known as the Red Devils, also for dominating the premier league, but they have been struggling to stay in the top four in the past three years. It all started just after Sir Alex Ferguson 's retirement. He managed United for 27 years from November 1986 to May 2013, but so far they have not found anyone who could fit in his shoes or one who could continue on his legacy. In the past three seasons United had three different managers: David Moyes, took over the team after Sir Alex but he didn 't even manage to finish his first season, so Rain Giggs took over the team for the rest of the season, then they brought Louis van Gaal in May 2014, unfortunately he had to follow on the footsteps of David Moyes after two unsuccessful seasons. Now we are at the beginning of a new season with a new manager Jose Mourinho a.k.a the special one.

Jose Mourinho in is considered as one of the best managers in his short career as a manager. He has won all the trophies to be won with his previous clubs. Regardless of his reputation, he was sacked by Chelsea in December 2015 after a poor start in the 2015/2016 season ( He was out of a managerial job until June 2016, that 's when he became Manchester United manager. He brought four new players during the summer transfer…

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