The Red Crown Of Upper Egypt Essay

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Located in northeastern Africa, Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean on one side, a desert on another, and mountains on a third. This geography let the Egyptians live in relative peace around the River Nile. The Nile is over 4000 miles long and its annual floods fertilized the surrounding valley. The Egyptians gradually learned how to manage and store the water in canals and basins for irrigation, and they used measuring devices called a nilometers to measure the water levels. By implementing these water control techniques, the Egyptians turned the dry wasteland on either side of the river into land rich with livestock and farming. The word “Pharaoh” comes from the words “per” and “aa,” meaning Great House, and the Pharaoh had two crowns: The White Crown of Upper Egypt and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. When worn together to symbolize union and the Pharaoh’s power over both, the crown was called the Great Double Crown. The Pharaoh’s symbols of power were the crook, which showed his desire for leadership, and the flail, his willingness to use necessary force. Every Pharaoh was descended from Ra, the sun god, and became a reincarnation of Horus, the sky god. When a Pharaoh died he became an Osiris as a new Pharaoh took over his role as guardian, or Horus, on Earth. In the Old Kingdom, only the Pharaoh and family could go to heaven, but in the Middle Kingdom, the Pharaoh’s power expanded to let all of his subjects ascend too. The Egyptians had an extensive polytheistic…

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