The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich Essay

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The Red Convertible

In the short story “ The Red Convertible," Louise Erdrich illustrates how brotherly love is transformed by the effects of war. The changes in Henry affect Henry’s characteristics, Lyman’s character and, Henry 's relationship with Lyman. Erdrich achieves this through the use of imagery, diction, and symbolism. Henry used to be childlike, caring, and spontaneous. This changes after he comes back a different person molded by the effects of war .“ Hop on in, says Henry. So she climbs in between us. We’ll take you home, I says… Okay, says Henry, and we drive.” Henry picks up a total stranger from the road and gives her ride in the convertible. He even agrees to take her to Alaska without hesitating. He didn 't think twice about his actions, he just did it, and it displayed how he lived in the moment . “Then my brother Henry did something funny. He went up to the chair and said, “Jump on my shoulders”…Well we all laughed.” Henry displayed childlike characteristics when he raised Susy up to his shoulders and pretended to have her long hair. Not every adult does this type of action, it exhibited Henry’s comfort and childlike traits. “ When he came back home, though, Henry was very different, and I’ll say this: the change was no good… But he was quiet, so quiet, and never comfortable sitting still anywhere…He’d always had a joke, then, too, and now you couldn 't get him to laugh.” It 's not difficult for Lyman or anyone to tell that Henry isn 't the same…

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