The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich Essay

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I have chosen to write my argumentative research assignment on the short story “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich. This short story contains two main characters, Lyman and Henry junior, who are brothers, and how their relationship begins and ends after Henry is drafted to serve in the Vietnam war. Prior to being drafted, Henry and Lyman’s relationship is just like any other two brothers that have grown up together, strong, happy, and full of good times spent together. After a tornado destroys, Joliet, a local dining hall that Lyman worked his way up to own, they are left with nothing and decide to take a trip up to Winnipeg, Canada. While in Winnipeg, the brothers are walking down the Portage strip when they notice a beautiful red olds-mobile convertible and decide that they must have it no matter the cost. After purchasing the vehicle, the two brothers are left with “Just enough money for gas to get back home.” (The red convertible, 307) The two spend the rest of their summer traveling in the car to no particular destinations, just them, the red convertible, and the open road. Henry then, behind Lyman’s back, purchases Lyman’s share of the convertible making Henry the only owner. Once returning home, Lyman is devastated to discover that his older brother, Henry, would be going away for a while as had been drafted to serve in the Vietnam war. Upon leaving, Henry gives the red convertible to Lyman who is very reluctant to take the vehicle. Henry is gone for a total of…

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