Essay about The Red Badge Of Courage

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1. I think what is fresh in Cranes approach is the way we see the battle. We are seeing and hearing about the battle though the eyes of this young man who is referred to as the youth throughout the story. Though his single thoughts and feelings the story is told making it seem very real.
2. I think the paragraph from The Red Badge of Courage makes the reader feel like they are actually experiencing the events. I think this is because in the passage from the successes and failures of Chancellorsville there isn’t any dialog between characters like there are in the one from The Red Badge of Courage. Also what The Red Badge of Courage has he describes things like gun locks clicking making it easier to get a sense of what he’s sensing like the sounds and sights making it easier to feel like you can experience the events.
3. We learn from Boyar’s passage of the thickest fight that the thickest fight was a point of battle where much was going on. There were cannons going off and fires around him.
4. What we learn from Cranes passage is that there was smoke from all the guns and cannons fired. He says that there was a blue whirl. There was intense fighting between the two sides. He says the blue showed their teeth.
5. The author’s purpose was to tell about what was going on as the enemy was approaching. He wants to show you what everyone was doing and what was going on around the character.
6. Cranes purpose is to make you feel as if you are seeing the very battle before your…

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