Essay on The Red Badge Of Courage By Stephen Crane

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The Red Badge of Courage The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane is the story of a young man named Henry Fleming who enlists with the Union Army in the hopes of becoming a war hero. Shortly after enlisting, the reality of his decision sets in. Instead of becoming a hero immediately, he finds himself waiting most of the time. When he finally has his first battle, he fires into the battle haze, never seeing his enemy. As the next battle approaches, Henry begins to run from the field. Even when Henry hears that his army is winning, he still runs in fear. Henry finally slows down and hears of a new battle beginning. He then returns to the same battle field he ran from earlier. On his way to the battle field he sees many wounded men returning from getting medical assistance. Henry meets one of these wounded soldiers who calls himself "a tattered soldier.” They begin to have a conversation and the tattered soldier asks Henry where he is wounded. Henry avoids the question by drifting into the crowd of soldiers. Henry also sees one of the soldiers from his company, Jim Conklin, who is seriously wounded. While Henry is with Jim he suddenly collapses and dies. This really hurts Henry and he becomes very sad. The tattered soldier asks Henry about his wound again. Because Henry can 't explain that he has no wound, he leaves the wounded, tattered soldier in the field. Henry can 't overcome the guilt and that stops him from returning to the battlefield. He then begins to hear the…

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