The Records Of Juvenile Recidivism Essay

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Recidiv¬ism is defined as a return to imprisonment within three years of the juvenile 's release date from a state correctional institution, according to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ). There is not specific recidivism rate for juveniles at the national level because juvenile justice system in each state is different in administration, organization, and data capacity. Therefore, information of this research paper is referred from the records of juvenile recidivism in Illinois. This research paper is composed of four main discussions which are the juvenile imprisonment rates, causes of youth returning to imprisonment, and recommendations to improve the prevention of recidivism (juvenile reentry system).
In fact, juvenile imprisonment rates have decreased in the past decade in the United States. Total admissions to IDJJ dropped nineteen percent in Illinois between 2000 and 2010. The examination in 2011 showed that the average age of a youth who were released was almost 17 years old among more than 2,400 juveniles who are released to the community each year. Most youth were arrested because of property offenses (43 percent) or criminal act against a person (31 percent). The study of IDJJ showed that 86 percent of juveniles were re-arrested within three years from release. In terms of offense type, drug user had the highest rates of re-arrest (93 percent), with sex offenders having the lowest (81 percent). Male youths are significantly more likely to be…

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