Essay on The Record Of Slave Resistance

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from the master, which reinforced by the blacks’ unconditionally obedience due to the powerlessness.
During the twelve years being a slave, Solomon never gave up the fight for freedom. Kenneth Stampp stated that “the record of slave resistance forms a chapter in the story of the endless struggle to give dignity to human life” (88). The slaver Mr. Fort treated him well and even gave him a violin, so Solomon told him his true identity and hoped to get help before he was leaving due to the abuse from Tibeats. But he got a helpless response from Fort, who claimed he had the debt to pay. The second try was when he worked for a planter of sugar crops. He gained a chance to play at a party and then asked a white man to help him send a letter to his friend in New York. While the white man took his money, but reported him to his slaver Epps.
Solomon told a lie to Epps, narrowly escaping being killed. Then he burned the letter, his only hope. The third try was on the way he was assigned by the wife of Epps to go out to send something. After running across Epps, who was killing two black people, he was so scared and gave up running away. He made unremitting efforts to strive for a free life, while the reality was always desperate. Chiwetel Ejiofor, the actor of Solomon, said in the interview that Solomon “had a kind of unbroken spirit”. At other times, Solomon chose to yield to the slaver and the reality, because he realized surrender was the only way to survive at the point of…

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