The Reconstruction Era After The Civil War Essay

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The Reconstruction era after the Civil War lasted began in 1865 and lasted approximately twelve years, it was long and tiring but brought much change in many areas. Reconstruction was ultimately run by the Radical Republicans in the U.S. Congress. This itself brought controversy and trials with President Johnson who had received office after Lincoln 's assassination. Johnson was followed by Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes, these presidents actions also adding stress to the reconstruction. While the federal government was fighting corruption in the North, the Ex-Confederate leaders were slowly making their way back into the southern government, something that everyone in the Union had decided was unacceptable upon Southern re admittance. The common Southern man was not having greater luck during this era. Newly freed African Americans needed help to get on their feet but found Southerners to be unforgiving and extremely racist against them as new citizens. Because of these problems and the differences of people opinions many changes had to be made during the Reconstruction. Although Reconstruction resulted in immense changes politically, given the new amendments and several acts to protect the new citizens. Reconstruction changed mildly economically, in that agriculture was still dominant except now many were doomed to an endless cycle of poverty due to sharecropping. Although with noble thought and with good intent little changed socially, leaving African…

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