The Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay

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While the Reconstruction after the civil war was multi-faceted, there were three main goals of Reconstruction era. The North wanted to restore the Union to include all of the Southern states so they could become one nation, compromise with the Southern states that ceded before and during the war to give them a reason to come back and reunite, and to help blacks reenter society by giving them a voice and opportunities never before had. While these goals seemed simple enough, different views of how people should be treated and how governments should be run, make compromise a very difficult thing to accomplish.
To restore the Union, President Lincoln began by enforcing the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. Lincoln advised the South that they could come back into the Union as long as they followed all the laws, including the rules of slavery, with no punishment. However, to enter back into the Union, he created the 10 percent plan. This allowed each Southern state to come back to the Union once 10 percent of the population pledged their loyalty. It also required government and military officials in the Confederacy to be pardoned. President Lincoln also required the removal of slavery in their newly written constitutions before being allowed back into the Union. They would also be allowed to develop their own state government, again, as long as they abided by the laws. However, there were Radical Republicans who felt some Southerners should be punished because of…

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