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The recent changes in the breakfast and lunch programs in the schools have significant impact on the nutritional status of children and in fighting obesity which is a national problem. State and federal governments have issued laws and regulations to minimize the problem. This paper summarizes the major issues and concerns on economic situation and health. It also presents the process and benefits of the program.
Economic Situation
One of the issues related with the recent change in school lunch and breakfast is the economic situation. The government increased 6 cents per meal reimbursement for school lunch and breakfast program if the schools met the new nutrition standards, but some school districts had concerns that the revenue from
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Schools also expected to make water available to children at no charge wherever lunches are served (Federal Register, article 02/08/2013).
In order to address the economic situation of children from poor background, the federal register makes it clear that children to be eligible for free meals and free milk automatically. School food authorities are also required to inform families of the availability of free and reduced price breakfast and lunch during school year, and also in the summer when school year ends.
Benefits of the program
The main purpose of the change in the school lunch and breakfast is to create a healthy environment where children make healthy eating choices, and reinforce the development of healthy eating habits for all children regardless of their families’ income level. This will ultimately leads to solving obesity problem and ensure citizens live productive and healthy life.
Researchers have shown that school lunch and breakfast programs that feed around 50 million children every day in the whole nation as a major risk factor for childhood obesity. Even though obesity is rising so fast and causing a lot of problems in our nation the recent change to the school lunch and breakfast program is believed to have positive impact on our future generation.

Figure 1: Child Obesity Trend among Low Income Families
Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website:

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