The Rebellion Of Lower Canada Essay

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In the year 1837, a radical movement in the British colony of Lower Canada took part in an armed rebellion to attain by force what they had failed in attempt to secure by lawful political action. The primary goal to which the rebellion was focused had been given several names by historians such as democracy, political freedom and representative government. The uprising took arms in attempted efforts to discontinue the appointed minority 's control of the colony 's governing institutions and to establish a responsible government. The Lower Canadian Rebellion is believed to arise as specific affirmations and was prosecuted on the development of republicanism and liberty. Within the North American context, the 1837 Rebellion expressed the significance of an educated, sovereign, and righteous citizenry as well as the standards of an operational government reserved constitutionally in its authority. This political discord in society was reinforced through deep ethnic conflicts and cultural differences in Lower Canada. The movement in Lower Canada followed a preliminary trajectory in seeking reforms within the statutory structure of the British imperial system. When the demands of the people were not met, violence followed. This movement stresses a fundamental link between republicanism and liberty that must stand in order to successfully establish a responsible government.
In the late 1830, Papineau and the radicals did not want to gain control of the Assembly, rather they…

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