The Reasons Why The American Revolution Essay

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American Revolution started in April 19, 1775. There were many reason on why the American Revolution occurred. But the main reason why the Revolutionary War happened was because the king of Britain began taxing the colonists. But there were other reasons why the revolution occurred. There was the Boston Tea Party in 1773 when colonists dressed as American Indians threw million dollars of worth of tea into the sea. There was the Intolerable Act. The intolerable act had five acts. There was the Quartering Act where the king forced colonists to take British troops to their home. The Boston Port Act was where the king shut down the port of Boston to cut the trade until the cost of tea was paid back. The Massachusetts Government Act was established in 1774. It was an to end the constitution of Massachusetts. The Administration of Justice Act was an act where any trials were to be moved to Great Britain. The leader of the Revolutionary War, George Washington, took the command of the Continental Army and trained his soldiers to ready them for the war. Captain John Parker trained 77 men, also known as minutemen, that had no experience in shooting a gun. France started an alliance with American colonies in February 6th, 1778 after Benjamin Franklin signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance in france. The war ended in 1783 when Britain signed the peace treaty. After the treaty was signed, America became independent. American Revolution was a war started in…

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