The Reasons Why Teens Commit Suicide Essay

1221 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
Each year, thousands of teens commit suicide in the United States. Suicide is a major problem as it is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers and young adults. Families and friends are heart-broken and greatly affected emotionally by the death of their loved ones. It must be unimaginable for us to understand how difficult it is for parents to cope with such a tragedy. No parent ever imagine that this would happen to their child. Everyone, especially parents, are often bewildered about the reasons why their son/daughter have taken their own lives. There are numerous possible reasons why teens commit suicide.
A lot of teenagers are bullied at school by their classmates. Teenagers are still developing physically, mentally, emotionally and they are not fully matured yet. That is why a lot of them do reckless, selfish, and irresponsible things like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, having unprotected sex, and in this case, bullying. They do not fully understand the consequences of their actions. For them, bullying gives them a sense of power and control. They do not realize the impact that bullying may cause on others. For teens being bullied by their classmates, everyday literally feels like a living hell. Gay teens are the most affected victims of bullying in school. This is due to the discrimination against gay people in our society. Some of these teens may not have anyone to talk to about their situation. They might not have friends to lean on, they may be…

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