The Reasons: The Morality Of The Death Penalty

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The debate over the death penalty continues to escalate as more and more individuals gain awareness about the controversies encompassing the topic. This, in turn, calls into question the morality of enacting the process of sentencing someone to death, however, an individual who deliberately murders innocent civilians should not have protection, in regards of morality, from a society, when they pose a dire threat to everyone around them. Morals differentiate between individuals, but the laws put in place by a nation act as a constant that everyone should abide by, despite one’s personal values, because the laws protect the general population who follow them. Only those who contend with the laws will endure the punishments that accompany their crimes.
Crime and prison systems should practice the death penalty because the severity of a mass murder calls for a stringent response, and any form of punishment other than the death
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“Life is precious”, meaning the invaluable worth of a life can not have a price attached to it (Kosh). Carrying out the death penalty will demonstrate to others who contemplate similar actions that their heinous crimes may result in the ultimate price of death, and help to illustrate that their precious lives can just as easily cease to exist if they choose to end the lives of other individuals. The death penalty aids in striking fear into the minds of individuals, and without the death penalty crime could potentially increase. For instance, in the case of Rosa Velez, she died in the hands of a murderer named Luis Vera, who burglarized and shot her to death. Later on he admitted that he “knew I wouldn’t go to the chair”, which he used to justify why he killed her without hesitation (Kosh). However, if New York had the implementation of the death penalty at that point in time, then perhaps Luis Vera would have reevaluated himself and not murdered Rosa

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