Essay on The Reasons For Year Universities

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In the following paper many topics will be discussed. The reasons four-year Universities have UCC requirements will be explained. The differences between a Vocational school and a College/University and how college is a part of the American Dream will be discussed. a liberal education will be defined and described, as well as the graduation rate between America and Japan. Career and life opportunities for a student with an Associates degree versus a student with Bachelors degree have will also be talked about in the following paper. According to the William Paterson website, University Core Curriculum (UCC) is the “general education” program at William Paterson University designed to enable students to prepare for an increasingly complex yet interdependent world that simultaneously holds opportunities for creativity, new knowledge, connecting across conventional boundaries of thought and practices, cooperation and teamwork, and diverse modes of communication and building community. Vocational schools are shorter, one to two years, than colleges and universities, which are two to four years minimum. People who have a bachelor’s degree tend to get paid more than people with associates degrees or certificates from vocational schools. “Americans are pursuing post-secondary vocational degrees after spending some time in full-time employment.” (Bills, Wacker 171) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 individuals with a bachelor 's degree had a median weekly…

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