Essay The Reasons For The American Revolution

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The American Revolution. That most important political happening that raged on between 1765 and 1783. It’s safe to assume that something as revolution didn’t happen happen over night. The Thirteen American Colonies had plenty of good reasons to up and split from the monarchy of Great Britain. Considering the factors of the harsh French Indian War, the strict enforcement of British soldiers and the many acts that had been issued, it’s hard to say that declaring independence wasn’t inevitable. Animosity grew between Great Britain and the American Colonists, and soon the colonist realized that their way of life was in jeopardy. Angered by the way Parliament took advantage time and time again, the mere thirteen colonies had enough. Soon, they would plunge themselves in the war for independence.

During the 18th century (1756 - 1763) a grueling war took place that devastated the entirety of Europe and had made it’s way to the colonies. The French Indian War, or the Seven Years’ War as it was known in Europe, was the be all end all for France and England. By winning this war, it would assure either country’s dominance, political power and possible bragging rights. At first, things looked pretty grim for the British. When attempting to rally up colonist and to learn more about the public’s opinion of the war at the Albany Congress, their feedback was less than anticipated. At best, the colonist’s opinion were lackluster, and only feigned absolute support. Even still, the…

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