The Reasons Behind Global Terrorism And Mass Media Biased Essay example

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The articles used in this analysis demonstrate the reasons behind global terrorism and Mass media biased. Global Terrorism is a very critical issue and should not be overlooked. "terrorism has continuously increased in the past few years, particularly in the regions that are under America 's military influence". ("US main reason behind spread of terrorism" 2011, paragraph 1). However, there is huge concern for Muslim society about false media propaganda against them (religion). "the westerners began attributing all negative issues (terrorism) to the holy Islam"(Afghan Paper calls on USA to define what terrorism is 2007, paragraph 4). Keeping in mind, this research paper is going to depict a combination of logical and emotional appeals used in these articles to evaluate the credibility of evidence provided. The target audience is the Muslims society who get the most effect by the issue of terrorism. The goal is to convince the audience that a crucial act of an individual or a group has no links with Islam and religion should not be define by those action committed by individuals.

Firstly, the article" understanding Islamic terrorism" has few valid point to define terrorism, but most are biased and based on opinion. In summary, the article terrorism and Al-Qaeda has become their hub to launch attacks against innocent victims. Al-Qaeda is not an organization but a social movement. terrorist has strong belief system and clear mind set and construe wrong teaching of religion…

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