Essay on The Reasons And Causes Of Child Labor

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There is a chance that your favorite shoes, soccer ball, clothes, electronics, vehicle and even furniture were made by young and hard working children. Child labor across the globe is a topic that was frequently discussed in my history classes while I was in high school, and one that immediately caught my attention. Are businesses really employing these young children? If so, why are businesses employing the use of these young children? Why are these young children taking on such intense and laborious jobs for minimal pay? Are they going into this business willingly or are they being forced into it? In order to answer these questions and attempt to understand the reasons and causes of child labor, it is vital to examine this issue from more than a merely general point of view. This issue is one that needs to be examined from the child’s, parents’, and business’ different points of view.
Before researching if and why businesses employ, overwork, and underpay children, I first needed to gather more background information on the topic. A research article titled, “Child Labor: Issues, Causes, and Interventions,” explains that because there is no internationally known definition of child labor, it makes it difficult to identify what cases technically constitute such a term. As each country has its own specific laws and regulations on employment, it is difficult to determine at what point employing a child becomes unethical. However, according to another article titled, “Child…

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