The Reasoning Behind Seriousness Or Playfulness Essay

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The Reasoning Behind Seriousness or Playfulness As a nation, the people weren’t prepared for the effects of warfare. Eleven million people being brutally murdered is certainly a surprise. Eliezer Wiesel and Guido both suffered through the Holocaust, where they both were deprived of their freedom. Guido is a positive character in the film, Life is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni. His son Joshua didn’t have much of a luicid Eliezer Wiesel is an actual survivor of the horrific event and author of the Nobel Peace Prize winning novel Night. From my perspective, Wiesel chose to retell his account of the event plain-spoken. On the other hand, Dir. Roberto Benigni decided to graze on the crisis and re-enact the event foreshadowing love in a playful manner. Elie Wiesel’s sole purpose was “…not to lose him. Not to remain alone” (Wiesel 30). He continuously kept his father alive through many trials related to when Wiesel gave his father marching lessons so the SS would stop thrashing him when off beat. His father, even when feeble, had the same feelings and provided for his son through any means. This corresponds to the moment when Elie’s father gave Elie a ration of bread that he was given in return for a trade. In the same way, Guido and Joshua resembled a strong “father and son bond” also. The two stuck together throughout most of the camp because the other children went to “take a shower”. As a father, it was his responsibility to keep him content so Joshua’s requests…

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