Essay about The Reasonable Explanation For The Existence Of A God

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The Reasonable Explanation for the Existence of a God The question of whether or not a higher being exists began hundreds of thousands of years prior to the modern age. People either believe theistically, agnostically, or atheistically. This means that all people fall into one of the three categories that they believe there is a God, there may be a God, but humans cannot/do not know, or there is definitively no higher power. Although this question is yet to have been answered absolutely, sundry philosophers have devoted years to research by using logic and reason to prove that a God does exist. The existence of a God can be proven most effectively by the use of the works of great philosophers such as, Hume, Anselm, Augustine, Oguah, and Thomas Aquinas, and by looking at theodicy, or “justification of the goodness of [a] God in the face of the fact of evil” (Mitchell 185). When discussing the existence of a God, many naysayers come out in defense that no higher being exists because of the evil in the world. As a response, those who believe in a God definitively state that evil resulted because of man and continues to occur because of humanity’s inability to achieve perfection. This God has a variety of characteristics that all religions can agree on: God is good, God is powerful, and God is not the source of evil. A God’s actuality can be proven by looking at this God in an ontological, cosmological, and teleological way. By looking deeper into God ontologically, it can…

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