The Reason Why I Chose Queen 's Commerce Essay

714 Words Oct 8th, 2015 3 Pages
The reason why I chose Queen’s Commerce was because I loved socializing with others, preparing presents and letters to people who I cared every year, along with planning to celebrate different special anniversaries. Business is about socializing with others, keeping the connections, and studying math related situations.
As an official Queen’s University Commerce student, I plan to specialize into one area in business, graduating the university with a stable and satisfying job in the future with the academic achievement. By working hard toward the goal not as an individual, but as a team, and offering help when others are in need, it will make the experiences in Queen’s successful and enjoyable. This includes keeping and building my relationship with my friends and families, and learning something new every day – a person or a lesson. Most importantly, it’s about making decisions depended on my core values.
My core values are honesty, respect, and learning. When working with teams, there would be times when you feel like that there’s no need to attend the meetings. This might lead to lying to your teammates telling them that you are sick. However, if this continues, it will break teammates’ trust, along with team synergy. Thus, for this to not happen, I will always be honest when communicating with my teammates. This will enhance the relationship between teammates and I in future projects; the work would be done more efficiently. Respect is as valuable as honesty. In daily…

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