The Reason That The American Revolution Essay

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Many people have the misconception that the American Revolution occurred because British colonists did not want to be British citizens any longer. The foremost reason that the colonists began revolution against the British was because they believed their innate rights as British citizens were being violated. Howard Zinn looks at entire war in communist glasses. his working class parents and himself working in force, Zinn understands the problems of working class.
In the chapter a five kind of revolution
It’s on how rich and the ruling class exploit the poor and working class for their gain and benefits of the revolution war the poor and the working class were exploited the most. from the lines “Yes, mechanics ……. actively treasonous.” it can be inferred that initially the rough pink collared employees and vagabonds had with guns in their hands called themselves soldiers of revolution.
Initially not the entire country was in support of revolution, only 1/3rd was in support, second part was in opposition of the war and the last 1/3rd were neutral. Alexander Hamilton at an instance said that either France and Spain should help them to win the independent from the tyranny of Brittan.
Initially members of militia were elite white males of respected classes were its members. Later the states of Massachusetts and Virginia were first to recruit strollers in under the false promises of getting higher rank to acquire wealth and social status. Tory the ex-shoemaker is example for…

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