The Reason Behind America ' Policing Essay

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The reason behind America “policing” the world
Today, in the United States and many other countries, cities utilize police forces in order to keep peace and order. The police keep speeders off the road, arrest criminals, and come to assist citizens. But imagine if the cities decided to discontinue their police force due to issues with income, there would be chaos. Criminals would terrorize the weak and organized crime groups would control cities. As one can see, this would not be a pretty situation. Now apply this to a much a bigger scenario, the world. There are certain nations that decide to do evil things, whether it be to its own people or to another nation. In order to prevent this, the United States must continue to “police” the world.
Since the end of World War 1, it has been apparent that the U.S. must keep the world in check. Before World War 2 began, Germany was recovering from the effects of their loss in
World War 1, and began to take over Europe without any resistance, for other countries were busy on domestic issues. Same goes for Japan, they rapidly dominated south Asia without opposition. Author John T. Reed states, “,Axis leaders­Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and the
Japanese­decided to to take over the world. No policeman stopped them. They did take over the world and 62 million people died,”(Reed). Evidently, the actions of the Axis powers were allowed due to no effective “policeman” to stop them. If the U.S. was not busy recovering from
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