Essay on The Realms Of Self Definitions

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2.2 Theoretical Overview
The concept of immigrants tacitly implies and operates within a set of micro and macro-categories. First it takes into consideration identities, which might be antagonistic within the construction of the “self” definition and the definition constructed by the “other”. The realms of self-definitions are polisemantic, due to the fact that might emanate from a wide variety of categories, such as ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion etc. Nevertheless, the realm of the definition constructed by the other hovers at the interface between national and transnational discourses. Though, the axis of both are based on a stigmatized identity. Goffman defines these identities as social actors perceived as anomies by a given society, that lack recognition and struggle when “fitting in” a society. The types of stigma he finds are 1)physical, 2)collective/ group and 3) according to certain traits. Immigrants identity is defined by the last two and is characterized by marginalization which may (or may not lead) to segregation, isolation, or exclusion. He points out that stigmatized identities tend to allow or accept imposed and intrusive behaviors from the “normal” identities and somehow modify (discursively, physically, etc.) themselves to be perceived as “normal”.
Bohmer and Shuman (2010) explain, that despite the construction of immigrants stigmatized identity varies in different social contexts, has the constant of being paradoxical. This contradiction…

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