The Realm Of Possibility By David Levithan Essay

968 Words Oct 15th, 2014 4 Pages
Name: Omar Almahjan
Instructor: Emily Havey
Course: English 113A
Date: : 20 October 2014
Sexuality in “The Realm of Possibility”
The novel “The Realm of Possibility” by David Levithan touches many serious themes important for teenagers and adults. The book is a unique effort to show the life of people from one school that are so different yet share the same fears, feelings and anticipations. Extraordinary from of the book that is written in a free verse contributes to the reaction of the readership. The book consists of interrelated monologues that help the readers to see the inner side of characters rather than the plot, circumstances and setting. The author covers many serious issues that include gender equality, peer pressure, relationships, bullying, etc. One of the topics that is especially controversial and debatable not only in the novel but also in the modern society is sexuality. Throughout the book, this theme is one of the brightest and most frequently mentioned by the author. Thus, the majority of Levithan 's characters are involved in active sexual life or reflect about the nature of love and their sexual identity.
The theme of sexuality appears in the first part of the book, when Daniel starts dating Jed. However, special attention drives the third part of the novel under the name “Love songs for Elizabeth”. The part is dedicated to Diana 's reflections about her feelings towards Elizabeth. The theme of sexual orientation is crucial in the book because it…

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