The Realm Of Normative Ethical Theories Essay examples

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In the realm of normative ethical theories there are many choices that can best represent one’s own personal belief structure. The one that best suits my personal thought process and belief structure is Egoism. When I say “I am an egoist” I automatically know what the majority of people will think, and that is “how selfish of you to think only of yourself”? When most people hear the word egoist it is automatically associated to have an extremely negative meaning about a person being a selfish person. Ethical egoist should not be confused with someone who is selfish, since this is not the traits of the egoist. The egoist believes that moral decisions should be made to benefit self-interest, meaning that when faced with a moral dilemma the egoist needs to consider which of their options will protect, benefit, and or serve their own self. While a selfish person is concerned only with their needs even if it the act will harm themselves. So with this said we as ethical egoist can separate ourselves from selfish people who are willing to sacrifice themselves just to spite other people from succeeding.
Since my time of living on this planet I have learned that if you want to be successful you have to apply yourself; nobody is going to do that for you. You want good grades you have to apply yourself, and the end result will benefit you with the accolades to help further yourself. You want a certain type job such as being a doctor, nurse, computer programmer, firefighter or…

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